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Last Updated: 4/11/2021

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Thanks for your interest in joining our group of Author Brands Kits affiliates.

We are humbled to have you be a part of this project and its mission to help authors build a brand and level the playing field.

Welcome aboard.

The Details

  • Author Brand Kits pays 20% base commissions which are paid out monthly at the end of the month.
  • The cookie is good for 1 year meaning that if your referral doesn’t buy on their first visit, but they return any time in the next year, you will still receive a commission for the sale unless they clear their cookies at some point.
  • Author Brand Kits is currently running an introductory promo that will end on April 30, 2021. At that point, it will go to the regular price of $999.
  • We do have a $499 package, but that is currently a downsell rather than an option for a cheaper Author Brand Kit. It is designed for authors who already have a partial platform. Find out more here –
  • Don’t forget to mention that we are an Alliance of Independent Authors Partner.

How It Works on the Customer End

When someone clicks the button to purchase an Author Brand Kit, they are prompted to enter their email address and click Continue. On the next page, they complete their purchase using PayPal. If they do not have a PayPal account, they can still pay using a debit or credit card.

When they have completed their purchase, they will be presented with a button to click to download their Onboarding Package. Inside the Onboarding Package is:

  • A questionnaire they must complete that provides us with the information we need to get started on their Author Brand Kit
  • A timeline that outlines how we built their Author Brand Kit over 4 weeks
  • A worksheet to help them complete an author bio if they don’t have one

We open a line of communication with them to welcome them right from the start.

We do not currently accept refunds if we have already begun building the Author Brand Kit because there is so much custom work involved. We prefer to work with a client until they are satisfied.

If the client has NOT filled out their Onboarding Package information, we have not begun work on their Author Brand Kit, and it has been less than 30 days, we can offer a refund in full upon request.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Contact information is provided below.

How It Works for Affiliates

When you sign up to become an Author Brand Kits affiliate, we will approve your application within 24 hours.

You can then sign in to your affiliate dashboard, grab your links, and start promoting.

When your links generate a sale, it will be reflected in your dashboard.

Author Brand Kits pays affiliates at the end of each month.

Why Should You Join Author Brand Kits Affiliates?

Because we love you! Affiliates are the absolute lifeblood of Author Brand Kits.

Going forward, we will look for new ways to make Author Brand Kits a great service for our affiliates to promote. Along that same vein, we’d like to hear your thoughts as well. What can we do to make your job easier?

We aren’t the same as other companies. We are new and we have traditional attitudes about our business like treating our employees very well. We believe if we take great care of our people, they will in turn take great care of others!

If these are the ideals you align with, then we’d love to have you aboard.


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