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Your Author Brand Kit comes with a shiny custom email account.

You probably already have an email account, right? So, what should you do with this new one?

First, you should know that you’ve leveled up!

There’s no email more professional than the one on your own domain. I mean you don’t think that Stephen King or Margaret Atwood use Yahoo or Gmail, do you? Of course not! Neither should you.

But, I already have Email…

We get it. We have a Gmail account too. In fact, I personally have 6 email accounts that I need to monitor constantly. One for ABK, one for my VA biz, and one for Dale, my biggest client. I have a super old Yahoo account that still receives mail in decreasing frequency.

If you’re already overwhelmed with email, another account and address is probably the last thing you want. As an author and with email being a written form of communication, it’s important that you put your best foot forward.

Author Brand Kits is here to help.

A few details about your custom email account…

Your email address is like the keys to your online kingdom. You use it to log into your website, for your email marketing, and as a catch-all for your brand.

Your custom inbox is limited to about 5GB of space. You’re going to want to keep it cleaned out and forward anything you want to keep to your main email account.

This is the email that represents your business and brand, not your junk mail account.

The Best Way to Manage Multiple Email Accounts

The best way to handle multiple email accounts is to utilize an email client like Microsoft Outlook. There are many paid and free options available. At ABK, we use Mailbird.

Whatever you choose, you can plug in all of your email accounts so you’re managing them from one place. This is the best way to manage multiple email accounts.

We provide you with access to your email account and your login credentials. It’s up to you to decide the best way for you to manage it from there.

How To Set Up Your Custom Email Account on Various Clients

Your host, SiteGround, has provided a number of tutorials and information to help you get set up.

Here are a few links you should find useful:


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