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Last Updated: 6/17/2021

Author Brand Kits has the privilege of working with talented independent authors just like you. In fact, they’re so great; we’d like to share them.

thomas a bradleyThomas A. Bradley – SciFi | Horror |Techno-Thrillers


Thomas is a Sci-Fi, Horror, and Techno-Thriller author. He was featured in the pilot episode of Book Rescue and received his Author Brand Kit as a result. It was such an honor to build Thomas’s assets.

Be sure and check out his website and if you’re into his genres, treat yourself to one of his books!

Thomas also won multiple awards for his book, The Covenant of Wickersham Hollow by working with Book Award Pro. Find out more about Book Award Pro on our Resources page!

Jasmine C. Caldwell – Romance


Jasmine is writing the books she wants to read herself. Her books have intelligent characters, plenty of steam, and happy-ever-afters.

Jasmine has released her debut tome and is just starting out in her journey as an author.  See what this talented author has to offer.

Andi J. Feron – Sci-Fi

andi j feronWEBSITE

Andi J. Feron writes Science Fiction with Romance elements. Originally from Colorado, the mountains will always have her heart. As a child, she would spend hours at the library lost in the adventures of books. Her love for books turned into a passion for writing. She lives in Iowa with her children and American Akita named Hoshi.

Christian Stahl – Short Storieschristian stahl


Christian Stahl is a semi-retired teacher who has written and published over 300 short stories in five languages. Other than English, he speaks four languages: French, German, Spanish, and Italian; but no matter which language he uses, he hopes to inform, maybe inspire, but always entertain his audience. Christian’s main purposes for writing are to provide educational material and to entertain a wide audience with short stories. I love writing because it’s the most economical way for me to share stories that I think others will find entertaining, amusing, and maybe even educational.