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Last Updated: 12/16/2021

We’ve managed to do a little light networking and find some great indie author resources. The companies,  services, and people on this page aren’t just some affiliate links. In fact, some of them are not affiliate links at all. These are actual connections that we’ve made in the indie author space. They come highly recommended.

Become an Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro

As an author, you’re either an expert storyteller or an expert in your field. You deserve some credentials to back up your credibility. Book Award Pro is a great way to get that done if that best-seller badge is eluding you.

Put that extra oomph in your book marketing with a little author success! Book Award Pro believes in you, your story, and that your story deserves to be told. Hannah and Jay are waiting for you.

Author Brand Kits customers get 1 month free of the Essentials package!

Book Rescue

Book Rescue is the brainchild of Dale L. Roberts of Self-Publishing with Dale. Dale works with a candid

ate for several months, giving their book catalog an overhaul that includes, keywords, copywriting, new book covers, and a marketing strategy. Book Rescue is still in its infancy, but has helped 2 authors so far see exponential increases in their book sales.

Do you think you might be a good candidate for a book rescue? Apply here.

Freelance Services


Do you need a book cover? Book marketing? Formatting? Would you like to get it without breaking the bank? Then Fiverr is your solution.

For years, the self-publishing community has ignored Fiverr because it can be difficult to drill down to the best providers on the platform.

Even so, there are many, many talented service providers on Fiverr waiting to take you to the next level in your publishing business. Fiverr offers services at affordable prices.

Check out this playlist from our Resident Self-Publishing Expert, Dale L. Roberts, if you’d like some referrals to some great service providers in the self-publishing space.

Full-Service Self-Publishing

Archangel Ink

If you need services that range from ghostwriting to publishing, get in touch with Rob Archangel and his team over at

Archangel Ink has been serving the indie author community since 2012. Created with the idea of making self-publishing as painless as possible for you, Archangel Ink has what it takes to place you on a level playing field with traditional authors.

Pen It! Publications

Pen It! Publications is a traditional publisher, in business since 2010. We offer a family-like atmosphere where you can feel at home.

We believe that everyone has a story…what’s yours? We will help you share it with the world. With a staff of over 50, Pen It! Publications, LLC is here to meet all the needs of the new, as well as, the seasoned author.

We offer workshops, the ability to connect with other authors, a Marketing Director who loves working with our authors, one-on-one support, and so much more. We would love to have you join our family.

Graphics – Book Covers, Mockups, Social Media and More

Book Brushbook brush

If you want to create professional-level promotional images for your books, that’s what Book Brush will help you do. The best part, you can get started for FREE. That’s right, you can create graphics to improve sales and avoid affecting your bottom line to do it!

Author Brand Kits customers get 15% off of any paid Book Brush plan for life! We also use the service ourselves like so many others on this page. Use the graphics service that was designed for authors just like you!


Do you find Photoshop too intimidating? The drag and drop ease of Canva will have you designing in no time. Canva is literally a one-stop shop when it comes to graphic design. You can create for both the web and for print. They have in-house printing options that are affordable and professional.

If you need a logo, no problem. Book cover? They have templates for those too. They are always adding new features, too, like their background remover for photos. In recent years, Canva has also made some interesting acquisitions. They acquired both Pixabay and Pexels last year and so far this year, they have acquired and SmartMockups.

Canva is free to use with premium features for around $13 per month which gives you access to more options in your designs. It’s a great cost-effective solution for indie authors on a budget.

Resident Self-Publishing Expert

Self-Publishing with Dale

If you want to know how to self-publish books the right way, then Dale is the guy for you. The best place to start is his YouTube channel.

If you’re not into video, Dale has a podcast, blog, and more to help you get on track with your publishing journey. I’ve worked with him for more than 5 years now, and he’s the only self-publishing guy I recommend.



Get your free book review for Amazon over at Reader’s Favorite!

A service created for authors by an author! It’s obvious why this one resonates with ABK! is a carefully thought out service to help you get some reviews under your belt. Amazon suggests a minimum of 15, so get a head start! Try it for free.

Author Brand Kits customers receive a coupon code to use with this service!


Free Barcode Generator – Get a high-res PNG of your barcode for your ISBN free. Never pay for these!

HTML Amazon Book Descriptions free from Kindlepreneur – Dave Chesson was the first one to create one of these, and his is the best. Also, he updates it periodically.

QR Code Generator from Kindlepreneur – Another great tool from Dave Chesson!

Virtual Assistants

This is where it all started for Author Brand Kits. Our founder/owner, Ava Fails, started as a Virtual Assistant to self-publishers and independent authors in 2014.

If you need help with your project, head over to for pricing and contact information.

Website Hosting


SiteGround has been called a lot of things like “pricey”. At Author Brand Kits, we have experience with cheap hosts, not-so-cheap hosts, well-known hosts, and not-so-well-known hosts, and SiteGround is the best we’ve encountered.

They save us a ton of money by offering the exact services we need. They’re fast, professional, and their support is second-to-none.

They come HIGHLY recommended from Author Brand Kits. In fact, we host all of our own websites, as well as our client websites on their super-fast servers.

If you decide to DIY your website, go with SiteGround.