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As a part of your Author Brand Kit, we build a website for you using WordPress. You’ve probably heard ofnew wordpress website WordPress before. It powers more than 30% of the web.

Why WordPress?

It’s simple. WordPress is versatile. You can have a blog, or not have a blog. It’s simple to add images, media, and other rich content to your site. You infinitely extend the possibilities through WordPress’ repository of nearly 60,000 plugins.

In addition, WordPress also maintains of repository of more than 8,000 themes to dress your website in style.

WordPress websites exude a level of professionalism that you just can’t achieve with free web builders and other platforms.

It’s stable, secure, and optimized for search engines. Did we mention its versatility?

You Can Expect That Your New WordPress Website Will:

1. Be completely set up with the following pages:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Contact
  4. Books

If you want a blog, a 5th page will be included.

These pages will contain content provided by you during your onboarding, namely your author bio.

If you don’t have any articles for your blog, it will be excluded from your navigation temporarily.

This doesn’t count your legal pages which we’ll also create from templates. These are not actual legal documents. They just include pages required to have a website online like the Privacy Policy.

You can see an example, by visiting the links below in our footer.

2. Have some standard plugins installed.

We install a set of plugins that all have a set purpose as outlined below:

  • WPBruiser – This plugin blocks bots from spamming your comments and contact form.
  • WordFence – Secures against malware, brute force, and more!
  • WP-Optimize – Optimizes your database and images for page speed
  • Rank Math SEO – Helps optimize content for search engines by guiding you in choosing a focus keyword and performing SEO best practices for your Posts and Pages
  • Pretty Links – Allows you to turn any link into a link hosted on your domain. For example, you can take and create a Pretty Link like so: It also works great for affiliate links.
  • Header and Footer Scripts – Creates a space in your WordPress dashboard where you can paste tracking scripts for things like Google Analytics or your email marketing platform
  • WPForms Lite – This allows us to install a contact form on your Contact page so your website visitors can email you directly without your having you having to provide your email address publicly
  • All In One WP Migration – A simple back up system. While your hosting we set up for you takes care of daily backups of your website, it’s always good to back up your data yourself periodically
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder – A lightweight, intuitive page builder with drag and drop features
  • SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle – Added widgets for SiteOrigin Page Builder that adds more functionality
  • Classic Editor – Reinstalls the Classic Editor in WordPress which old-school WordPress people find easier to use than the new Block Editor, Gutenberg.

Moving forward, you may find that you want to add more plugins for things you want to do with your website and even remove some of these. Keep in mind that too many plugins can slow down your website. Try to keep your installed plugin count under 20.

3. Have a clean, intuitive theme installed.

We install a theme from the WordPress Theme Repository. We choose a theme from the repository because they are vetted by WordPress for structure and security.

There are many 3rd party theme developers out there, and most of them are on the up and up. You can change your theme at any time, but you will most likely have to reconfigure some elements of you website.

Themes often come with demo content and things set up a certain way and you’ll have to make a few changes to make everything look how you would like. If you need help, reach out.

4. Be search engine optimized.

We will use Rank Math SEO to optimize your pages for search. Not all of your pages will be set to be indexed. For example, there’s no need to rank your Contact page in the search engines because there’s no content on that page, just your contact form.

In most cases, visitors will arrive on your Contact page because they were on your website anyway from another indexed page or you sent them there yourself.

For pages to be ready to optimize, they must contain a minimum of 300 words. Pages on your site that fall beneath that threshold will be set to No Index. Most likely, your About page will be the only indexable page in the beginning.

5.  Include links to your social media.

We will include links to your social media accounts on your website. If we are not creating your social account or you have additional links you want included, we may ask you for these.

6. Have an opt-in form for your email list.

We also set up your email marketing with MailerLite as a part of your Author Brand Kit. In order to be approved for MailerLite, you must have a completed website.

Once we’ve built your website, we will create your MailerLite account and submit all of your information for approval.

When your account is approved, we will then install your opt-in form on your website so that you can start building your email list.

What We Deliver

Your new WordPress website will be tied to the branded email we have created for you. Upon delivery, we will send you the log in credentials to your new website.

If you have filled out your onboarding form fully and sent us your author bio, you will have a website that is ready to be your home on the web.

You can use it to build your email list, announce new book releases, sell your books, connect with your readers, and pretty much whatever your mind can conceive can be achieved with WordPress.

We are giving you our best when we build for you on WordPress.

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